Bath - LMS Symposium

LMS Bath Symposia are held every summer and cover the full breadth of mathematics and some applications.
LMS Symposia have been a fixture of the international mathematical calendar for more than 45 years. From their inception in 1974 to 2019, they were held in Durham.
From 2020 we are proud to host these unique events at the University of Bath. In the "Bath format", each symposium consists of a workshop plus either a summer school (typically preceding the workshop, to prepare participants of PhD level) or a research incubator (a joint research activity in spirit similar to study groups with industry, typically taking place after the workshop).
Open call for LMS Symposium 2025

The Bath LMS Symposium is funded and sponsored by various institutions working within mathematical sciences including:
Isaac Newton Institute (INI)
International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS)
London Mathematical Society (LMS)
Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research)
All events are sponsored by:
Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI)